Client Name:
Home Group
Whitehaven, Cumbria

The Woodhouse Estate, originally built in the 1930s, was transferred to Home Group from Copeland Borough Council as part of the stock transfer in 2004.  Architects Plus were initially commissioned to produce an overall masterplan that identified the key areas of demolition, refurbishment and new build.  The practice subsequently fulfilled key renovation and new build phases as part of the overall regeneration strategy.

The local residents and wider community needed to be fully supportive of the proposals if a successful outcome was to be achieved.  A comprehensive process of consultation with the local residents was undertaken that involved open days, door to door interviews, questionnaires and formal presentations.  The events were also attended by wider community groups with a vested interest in the project including the police, local councillors, community workers and local healthcare workers.   Including the comprehensive consultations at the planning and design stages, a designated project office for residents was established during the construction phases.  This office provided constantly updated information on the progress of the works and information for the various initiatives that maintained community involvement throughout the entire duration of the project.

Robert Napier, chairman of the Homes and Communities Agency said:

“I was really impressed with what I saw …it is a fantastic scheme.  It is a much-needed development for the area, so it is great to see that it has been so well received by local people”.